Meng Li

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Assistant Researcher, Nanjing University,

Department of Computer Science and Technology,

163 Xianlin Avenue, Qixia District, Nanjing, Jiangsu 210023, China

Office: CS Building 312

Research Interests

  • Network telemetru (网络测量)

    • Sketch, In-network Measurement

  • Advanced data structures and indexes (概率性数据结构、随机性数据结构、学习型索引)

    • Filter, Learned Indexes

  • High Performance Query Processing (高性能查询系统)

    • KV Stores, Approximate Query Processing


  • 02/2023. Two papers accepted to IEEE ICDM 2023.

  • 09/2023. One paper accepted to VLDB 2023.

  • 05/2023 I will serve as the program committee for CIKM’23.

  • 02/2023. One paper accepted to IEEE TKDE 2023.

  • 07/2022 “Bloom Filter with Noisy Coding Framework for Multi-Set Membership Testing” accepted to TKDE 2022.

  • 13/2022 "A Pareto Optimal Bloom Filter Family with Hash Adaptivity” accepted to VLDB Journal 2022.

  • 05/2022 I will serve as the program committee for CIKM’22.